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Phishing Emails / SPAM

I keep getting phishing/spam emails (up to 30 a day) in my Yahoo email account.  The senders have fictitious email addresses so there is no point in blocking them.  If I unsubscribe they just change the the URL of the website the emails are pointing to like to  This has been going on for 3 - 6 months and I do not know how to stop them.  Any suggestions?



Re: Phishing Emails / SPAM

Five Reasons Why Clicking "Unsubscribe" May Be A Bad Idea

Why You Should Never 'Unsubscribe' From Illicit Spam Emails and Texts

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Maybe, create filters.

Check if your email address is in a data breach

  • Never click on links or download attachments from unknown sources.  
  • Hover your mouse over the links contained in emails to check if they are legitimate– don’t click unless you are sure they are safe.  
  • Question the validity of any email that asks you to submit personal or financial information.  

Re: Phishing Emails / SPAM

Surefire way to do this is to create a new email address and delete the old one.

And also never give out your email to any entity unless you are 100% sure they are a legitimate organization.