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This forum thread needs a solution.

Phishing Protection acting weird!!!!

I recently downloaded the new IE8 and installed successfully but now, for some strange reason my Phishing protection has gone all weird on me.

Every time i access my home page, wheather i change it or not....my Norton yellow bar turns from a green tick to a red cross, telling me my Phishing protection is not secure. I then click FIX to solve the problem but it keeps coming back. I have done several scans with Norton and an anti spyware but the problem still arises.

Can anyone shed some light onto the subject and help me out here.

Much appreciated,



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Re: Phishing Protection acting weird!!!!

I am not sure but it may be because IE8 is still a Beta and thus not yet fully supported by Symantec. It is hard to support a non finalized version as it can change without notice.


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Re: Phishing Protection acting weird!!!!


I think you use NAV2008/NIS2008 or N360 2.0, which don't support IE8, because it's in beta phase (so the code can be changed any time...), and because of it they are incompatible with IE8.

But NAV2009/NIS2009 can work with it (I use NIS09 with IE8 without any problem), so you should just download the upgrade from here, and use IE8 with the new product.

Edit: N360 v3.0 will have the same engine as NAV09/NIS09, so it should work with IE8 too, when it will came out.

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Re: Phishing Protection acting weird!!!!

Hello alanwalker20,

Internet Explorer 8 will not be supported until it is out of beta.  As stated above, we will have to wait until IE8 is released to support it, as the code for IE8 will keep changing until its released.

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