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How do I configure a Core to allow ping?

I have a Verizon FiOS router bringing Internet in to my home, and the Core router is connected via wired Ethernet to the FiOS router.  I have a collection of Raspberry Pis with the Nagios monitoring software installed on them scattered around my home, one of which is also connected to the FiOS router.  Now the Nagios nodes inside the Core's network have no problems pinging the one node outside the Core, the one node outside the Core cannot ping nodes inside the Core, presumably because of the Core's firewall rules.

How do I configured the Core to allow my "external" Nagios node to reach the internal ones?



Re: Ping

Since it is behind a layer of NAT (outside on the core's WAN port to inside on the core's LAN ports), you can't ping from outside to inside. You may be able to ping the "core" router itself from the WAN side.

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