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Please take note on Auto-Renewal offers for Norton 360

I have been a Norton customer for at least 4 years. I just received a renewal request from Norton for my Norton 360 renewal because the credit card I have enrolled in 2012 has expired.

I understand from Norton community that Norton 360 is a legacy product, and the renewal offer for my Norton 360 for 1 year is $99 which covers up to 3 PC devices, while a comparable Norton Security Deluxe, which provided more coverage and up to 5 PC or mobile devices, is retailing at $59 for 1 year on Norton website.


It is truly disappointing that customer loyalty isn't always valued and the auto-renewal function intended for billing convenience indirectly became a "fleecing" tool for the company.

Just sharing information for fellow community who are currently on legacy products and auto-renewal with Norton.

Do check your renewal offers and options. Don't make the same mistake that I did -  to only realise I am being overcharged on a inferior product when my credit card enrolled for auto-renewal expires.





Re: Please take note on Auto-Renewal offers for Norton 360

It does seem unfair but Norton would have problems if they undercut their normal distribution channels too much. I know it seems even odder when it's an obsolete product! But functionally it is still pretty good at least if you aren't going beyond Windows 7.

You can buy a copy of Norton Security Premium -- the top version -- and use the KEY from that to give a new year's subscription on your already installed N360 if you want to retain that version but it does not automatically add on any unexpired days; however Norton OnLine Support via the CHAT link Norton Chat Support are often good at adding it back on again.

If you do this and buy the copy from an authorized retailer -- and so far as I know this is still valid but check to see if others confirm this -- rather than from Norton itself you can often save substantially but remember to make sure your AutoRenewal is cancelled and check with Norton CHAT to confirm that.

You can of course also do that purchase from an authorized retailer if you want to upgrade to the current version which is usually a good idea .... but worth waiting until they deal with a current problem hitting some users.

As an example I see $45 for NSPremium from a reputable online source and you need not even download the installation file if all you want is the key which comes to you from them with the order documentation.


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