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Pokki Start Menu


I have Windows 10 which I installed around 4 weeks ago, and Google Chrome which I installed about 2 weeks ago.  In the last couple of days, I noticed a Pokki Start Menu icon on my taskbar which I did not download.  This may be a safe program, because Norton does not detect it as malware but when I click the "uninstall" button on the icon the program it does not uninstall, so I am concerned that it is not safe.  Does anyone have this issue and, if so, do you know if it is safe?  If it's not safe and if you were able to uninstall the program, I would appreciate if you could provide instructions on how to remove it safely.

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Re: Pokki Start Menu

FWIW ~ Pokki <info here> was pre-installed on my machine.  I've disabled Pokki as Startup. http://startups.glarysoft.com/Pokki/Launcher.dll/128197/
Pokki shows the Windows 8 that might have been <info here>.
Maybe W10 changed your Startups or added new Startup. 
Note: malware may call itself anything


Re: Pokki Start Menu

hi Aestrela

I've not seen this exact situation however, things are bundled with Google Chrome downloads I don't know if it happens with direct downloads from Google or just from other sites such as CNet and the like.

My sister had this when Chrome was downloaded to her laptop without her knowledge, probably by her daughter.

When I uninstalled Chrome it asked if some other programs that were bundled with it should also be uninstalled perhaps you should also uninstall Chrome then download/reinstall it from Google and watch for other programs being installed at the same time usually known as PUP's.

The programs bundled and not wanted are mostly more of an annoyance but can also take over your homepage, search provider and direct to unwanted advertising and pop-ups.


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