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'Police central e-crime unit virus'

As far I can tell, Norton has failed to detect this virus in my son's laptop.

I'd be grateful for some advice, although won't be able to reply as I'm about to leave the house!

My concern, apart from getting rid of the virus, is that it wasn't detected.



Re: 'Police central e-crime unit virus'

There are various variants of this virus. I have successfully removed several variants. No doubt you may here receive some alternate advice. As always there are no guarantees and you will have to decide how to proceed.

If you have this virus you will likely be "locked out" of the infected account and may not be able to even ctrl alt del.

If so you should establish if there is only one account set up on this machine or if there is a 2nd account when you are prompted to log-in to windows. Please advise.

Next you should reboot and using F8 attempt to log into safe mode with or without networking, with or without command prompt. If you cannot get to safe mode or you receive blue screen then please advise.

If you cannot access safe mode and if you have only the one account, you will need to boot from a special cd or usb drive. So you will need to familiarize yourself with access to "setup" or bios, often F2, or esc at boot up. Depends on the laptop make and model. Please advise.


Re: 'Police central e-crime unit virus'

I'm very grateful for your advice. I've actually taken the laptop to a friend who is more IT savvy than me (which isn't saying much!)

I'm still concerned that Norton missed this. Any thoughts on that, as it is rather worryig?


Re: 'Police central e-crime unit virus'

Other thread

Having just run a Norton Quick scan, I then ran another scan using Spyhunter, which found (immediately after the Norton scan) a large number of threats ('malware objects').

Shouldn't these have been picked up by Norton?

If so, do I need to change scan settings?

I'm rather worried that Norton may be missing threats.

(I went through this process as my son's laptop had the police e-crime virus, which I removed with Spyhunter)

 Removed with...................... so it is gone  Also now states a friend has done the system Quads

Re: 'Police central e-crime unit virus'

Quads has a point.

It seems you have two threads dealing with the same issue. In the other thread you say that you have removed the virus and then later that ...you are reluctant to pay for the removal function of Spyhunter. So either you have or have not removed the virus and either you have or have not correctly identified the virus.

Personally I intentionally do not use or recommend SPyhunter. It is not clear whether spyhunter was pre-installed before the virus detection and that may be a problem since you cannot have two co-resident av programs.

Neither have you stated which version was running and when it was last updated before the problem arose.

It seems that the variant has not blocked you access to Safe mode and perhaps you explorer.exe has not been compromised.

This is my last contribution to this thread.


Re: 'Police central e-crime unit virus'

OK, I'm sorry that this has become rather confused; my fault entirely.

When I sent the original post, I was running Spyhunter to deal with the virus. At the end of that (after I posted), I discovered that I would have to subscribe to Spyhunter to remove the virus, and I was unhappy with that, bearing in mind that I thought Norton should have been able to sort this issue (and I still don't know why it couldn't)

I was asked to start a new thread on the subject.

You have to bear in mind that I have little knowledge of this subject, and before I received your advice, a friend offered to try and sort it out (which he is still trying to do).

I apologise if I appear to be ungrateful, I do appreciate your advice.

I still have major concerns over my anti-virus programme's failure to prevent this problem in the first place.


Re: 'Police central e-crime unit virus'

As I said, I do not use and do not recommend SpyHunter. SpyHunter is I believe a real time software and should not therefore be running at the same time as Norton. It is not clear what setup you had. That is, if spyhunter and Norton were both installed at the time of the infection. If so, then this could explain why Norton did not stop the malware.

From what you have described removal is very straight forward because you have access in safe mode and in safe mode the infection does not lock the machine. It is a simple process then of removing the virus.

If on the other hand Norton did not stop the malware and was uptodate and there was no other av software running, then it is possible that it is a variant that Norton could not detect at the time. That is the nature of malware and av products. 100% detection is not assured with any product.

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