poor support from norton Re:little man icon on android device

On hold for almost an hour, phone finally died, then tried "chat" on 2 different devices and got the message that cookies need to be enabled, i enabled cookies and still got no further, went to the "community" and found another person with the same issue, but no solution. There was an option to reply but I had to be signed in, so i signed in, and then the option to reply to that post was no longer available!?!

My issue was with the Little man icon, that changes into the Norton logo, it can be moved around the screen, it changes transparency a few seconds after it's pressed and it is always on top of EVERY screen, but doesn't appear to do anything else and cannot be removed or hidden without uninstalling the entire app, but that issue has now turned into a quest to get ANY kind of support whatsoever from Norton.

I tried every support option you offer and was never able to actually connect in any way shape or form to anyone, not even the wrong department!

So I uninstalled the app, the icon disappeared and I am now looking for another antivirus app that has better support than Norton, it shouldn't be too hard as the bar isn't very high!

Have a nice day.


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Accepted Solution

Re: poor support from norton Re:little man icon on android device

What device and Android version are you using?

Is this the thread you found on this issue? If so, the reason you could not reply is that forum threads are automatically closed after 30 days with no new posts.

Also, you will see one user that did uninstall and then reinstall and the icon disappeared. Also look at this post about a new setting in Android 12 for a shortcut for apps.

As for contacting Support, when trying to access chat, as soon as the bot asks for any input from you, just enter 'Agent please' to get connected with a person. That usually works for me in these days of chat bots. 

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