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Pop Ups

Worst Anti Virus in the world. Chat DOES not work. Continually Popping Up with ads from Norton. Can not connect with the VPN to private Peer to Peers. I have enabled cookies, shut the VPN off and have tried several times to stop them to no prevail.

And Yes I have clicked the DO NOT SHOW AGAIN message who know how many times. And the methods Norton uses for Support are the weakest{why not send a phone number or direct e-mail link?] If you do business that way, then take me out of you customer base. I have tried in the past to resolve these issues and still no reply.



Re: Pop Ups

Norton Official Support is via Chat or Phone.  No Email support. 
Support request generates case number/identity verification code.
Chat Support offers save & print transcript. 

  ~ Contact Norton Official Support ~

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Maybe, share your geo-location/country.  
Maybe, I can post Norton Official Support phone number, if you want? 

Norton Official Support via social media.


Re: Pop Ups