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Possible Bug in 'Norton Tasks'?


Last night an idle time full system scan kicked in but only ran A/10 mins. and was cancelled as I was working on my pc. This morning after finishing what I was doing, set the idle time to one minute and opened the Norton Tasks window to monitor the scan. The full system scan lit up orange and showed running. Went out the room for about 15 mins and when I came back the idle quick scan was also showing running as well? This then stayed on together for over an hour, longer than a full scan normally takes. When I closed the window, the full scan showed as finishing about half hour earlier but the idle tasks were shown as running.

I noticed this a few weeks ago but ignored it concerning idle quick scan, the orange 'running' entry not cancelling.

My specs, W7 Home Prem 64 bit SP1, NIS 2012 v.



Re: Possible Bug in 'Norton Tasks'?

I have observed this many times - if you leave the window open while the scan is running, it never stops showing "running", even when it has actually finished. Just moving the mouse, bringing the computer out if idle, updates the status of the task correctly. It's a graphical bug, not one that actually affects performance, because the task does finish when it is supposed to, it's just the information text that doesn't update on its own with the window open. This happened with 2011 versions as well.


Re: Possible Bug in 'Norton Tasks'?

Hi Bombastus,

I mentioned in my post that the scan results showed finished ok. I only let it run idle longer knowing the scan had finished just to confirm my findings.

Maybe the bug fix could be added to the list for the next patch release. Can't say that I have had any other issues so far with NIS 2012. I am thinking to opt for monthly full scans as opposed to weekly ones!

Take care now.

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