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Possible System Infection?

Recently while browsing a pop-up occurred saying it detected high amounts of suspicious outbound traffic. After looking at the security history I'm not sure if my computer is infected or if the intrusion was blocked.

Category: Intrusion Prevention
Date & Time,Risk,Activity,Status,Recommended Action,IPS Alert Name,Default Action,Action Taken,Attacking Computer,Attacker URL,Destination Address,Source Address,Traffic Description
16/06/2016 22:47:41,High,An intrusion attempt by was blocked.,Blocked,No Action Required,System Infected: Trojan.Adclicker Activity 7,No Action Required,No Action Required,", 80",www . zatnawqy . net/scripts/jquery . js?r=c8502ff2689f032281c1a2fc65624a9f143bbc42&89057068,"DESKTOP-2GJ49LK (, 52925)",,"TCP, www-http"
Network traffic from <b>www . zatnawqy . net/scripts/jquery.js?r=c8502ff2689f032281c1a2fc65624a9f143bbc42&89057068</b> matches the signature of a known attack.  The attack was resulted from \DEVICE\HARDDISKVOLUME4\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\GOOGLE\CHROME\APPLICATION\CHROME(dot)EXE.  To stop being notified for this type of traffic, in the <b>Actions</b> panel, click <b>Stop Notifying Me</b>. 

It says IPS Alert Name: System Infected: Trojan.Adclicker Activity 7 but the intrusion was blocked and scans are not picking up anything.

My question is, should I be concerned about this and attempt to remove this via other tools or is this a case of a one-off attempt to attack my PC and be more careful in the future?



Re: Possible System Infection?

Are you still be alerted to high outbound traffic?

For a clean bill of health you could sign up for a checkup from one of the free malware removal sites.


A little bit of knowledge is... well a little bit of knowledge.

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