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Potential SCAM Text

Today I received a text message (copied & pasted here): Thank you for your Order#NRT7772N with N0RT0N Security for $279.99 auto-renewed, for 2 devices. we will email you a Receipt. Questions?? Call +1(888) 533-4149.  It came from phone # 484-907-0557. I have not placed an order with Norton and I did not call the number listed. I am watching my credit card and it has not been charged. However, I am wondering if I should cancel me "auto-renewal" to be safe?? Has anyone else received similar text messages?


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Re: Potential SCAM Text

I Googled both numbers and they do not refer to Norton.  That is always my first step to check for spam.  Sometimes I check snopes.com.

Here is a scopes.com article.


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Re: Potential SCAM Text

Hi @ConnieA. Hill,


Thank you for posting on the Norton Community. This order number is not Norton's. 

Gayathri R | Norton Forums Global Community Administrator | NortonLifeLock

Re: Potential SCAM Text

Yes I too received a text message about a auto renewal. I don’t even use Norton. No last four of the Visa card number showing was a tip off on the fake invoice. I will be watching our Visa card. Also what was a tip off was a full phone number showing. Usually billing text just show between 3-5 digits. The invoice number they used was: NP656511 Today’s date in Oct. 13, 2022 I created this account on Norton just to talk about this scam. I wanted to upload pictures. But this site doesn’t support png images.

Re: Potential SCAM Text

Please review: How to post an image in the forums


Re: Potential SCAM Text

Verify that an email you receive from Norton is legitimate

Report a spam or scam email to Norton

Learn what to do if you received a suspicious phone call, email, or mail

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