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Print a list of folders in a backup set

It would be most useful to be able to print a list of the folders in a backup set. How can it be done? The little window where one selects folders is too small to comfortably review folders (I have in mind some of those "unnecessary ones" in say C:\Users\###\AppData\...etc). This MMI has been in use for many years by Norton/Symantec and surely today it's possible to make it more user friendly - at least to be able to print it.

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Re: Print a list of folders in a backup set

Hi JohnS1948.

Sorry for the slow response, but I do not think I can be much help and was hoping someone else might have some ideas.

What Norton product are you using?  I am using Norton Security with Backup and don't find this a great problem.  If I go to Backup; Backup Sets; What; and then select "Add or exclude files and folders", the window I get seems to be of a reasonable size.  If I then select Include/Exclude folder I agree that the next window is on the small size, though I find it adequate.

If this is the small window you are referring to then you might like to put a suggestion in the "Product Suggestions" forum.

I hope that is of some help.


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