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This forum thread needs a solution.

Privacy related questions about Norton Security

1. The user visits a malicious website. Does Norton Security send the malicious URL to Symantec server ?

2. The user visits a non-malicious websites. Does Norton Security send the URL to Symantec server ?

3. The user visits a website that Norton "doesn't know" whether it's malicious or not, yet. Does Norton Security send the URL to Symantec server ?

4. Which Norton Security components send the visited URLs to Symantec servers ?

5. Does the user have an option to disable the features that send the visited URLs back to Symantec server ?

6. Does Symantec associate the listed of visited URLs with the user's unique machine identifier, or the IP address, or the Windows username, or the unique Norton product identifier ?

7. Does Norton Security encrypt the URL data before sending it to Symantec server ?

I would appreciate if a Symantec employee could answer those question. Thank you !



Re: Privacy related questions about Norton Security

If you require a response from Symantec.  You'll have to ask Norton Support.  Norton Community is user to user. 

My SafeWeb defs are local.  URL's are not scanned in real time.  Site rating is static based upon last time site was analyzed.  You may report a suspect phishing site via Toolbar > SafeWeb drop down > Report this site.
Norton Community Watch collects the information about new potential security risks from your computer and submits the information to Symantec for analysis.   You may review NCW/Norton Privacy Policy and you may turn NCW Off.
,....amongst the information NCW collects and submits

Any website URL that your product views as fraudulent
All the website URLs that you visited before the detection of the risk

The submissions help Symantec to analyze the execution, schedule, and efficiency of Norton-specific tasks and settings on your computer. No personally identifiable information is sent to Symantec.

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