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Some of the names that come up and places I don't know who or where they are , and what do I do to get  them off?


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What is Privacy Monitor?

Introducing Privacy Monitor Assistant from NortonLifeLock

Opt-out your personal data from data broker sites using Privacy Monitor Assistant

Learn what to do if you received a notification for your phone number


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I love the idea but when reading all about the Privacy Monitor Assistant it kept talking about "OUR websites" & I'm worried about OTHER'S websites! It also "sounded" to me like I might need to report everytime I go yo a website & make a purchase...did I get this wrong? I don't have time for that. I pray that Lifelock/Norton FOLLOWS ME around & gets rid of all the "bad guys" for me! If that's what this is for I'll GLADLY subscribe! I've trusted both Lifelock & Norton long before they combined into 1. I have loved knowing they are protecting me. I hear of others having scamming issues or other issues that I never have w/Lifelock & Norton's great protection. So if Privacy Monitor Assistant adds to my protection (I need someone to just say yes or no) then I'll subscribe. I fear I'm older & do not understand all the tech lingo- but I don't get all insurance lingo, but know how vital it is. Thank you for anyone explaining it this adds extra protection to my Norton 360 Protection.
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Re: privacy scan

Privacy Monitor Assistant is a tool (a software program run by Norton) that you can purchase that will automatically contact the websites identified by Privacy Monitor and ask that your info be removed.

It does not guarantee removal as it simply does the same work you would have to manually do by contacting each individual data broker to ask that your info be eliminated from their website. In a nutshell It saves you time and costs you money.

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