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Problem with N360 file backup

I had to restore my Win 10 PC this week - that went OK.  I then used N360 to restore my files.  Then I found it didn't backup ALL my files, so some files were missing.  I've ticked My Documents and I assumed this means it backs up EVERYTHING in that folder - but it doesn't!  I ran the back immediately before I restored my system, so the most current version of my files are backed up.  I haven't excluded anything in My Documents.  I searched for the missing file in the Restore Files section of N360 and sure enough  - no backup exists??!!  I needed that file too - a spreadsheet.  Luckily the image of drive C: had a version of the file that wasn't too old so I added the missing info and added the file to the inclusions list.  N360 isn't excluding all files a certain type either.  Some SketchUp files WERE backed up, but the most recent ones weren't??  Why would N360 backup some files and not others?