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Problem reconnecting bank account for transaction monitoring


I had my checking account connected to Transaction Monitoring and it became unconnected back in August, 2021.  I have called Customer Support numerous times to no avail other than having my blood pressure through the roof!!  I currently have an open ticket for this issue since Sept., 2021.  Each time I call Customer Support, I am on the phone for at least 45 minutes just to be told that they have escalated it and that I will receive a phone call from someone.  I have yet to receive one call!!

When I try to reconnect, I get various error messages, 415, 429, or 523!  My bank says that there is nothing on their end blocking the monitoring.  I have tried removing my bank account and re-adding it, I even uninstalled Norton completely from my laptop! Nothing is working!!   

Can anyone advise me on what to do to try to get my bank account reconnected?  

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