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Problems installing Norton 360 on my ANDROID Device

I have been subscribed to NORTON and later for NORTON 360 (3 Licence) app for many, many years.  I have NORTON 360 installed on two devices (Window PCs).  Have been trying to install my third licence on my ANDROID device for a number of years.  I never succeeded.  I sent requests for help for a 1000 times.  all solutions never work. Norton's latest response provided a solution that arrives until Sign-In.  The solution (or NO SOLUTION) makes it until the Sign-In and then it gives the message "NO License Available" and ask me to buy a new license when in fact I have a three license subscription and ONLY TWO in use.  I have tried so many times without success that I am now getting sick trying.  I always expected a better service from NORTON which I have to say it is not the case.  Can I, for ones, get a proper response accordingly please? I have in mind to include also NORTON VPN. Thank you. 



Re: Problems installing Norton 360 on my ANDROID Device

What Android version is on the device? You need to have Android 8 or later to be able to use the Norton app.

You can verify the number of available activations by signing into your Norton Account and clicking on the user icon at the top right. Then click on Manage my Subscriptions. Look for your current subscription and click on Manage licenses. If you see one activation you no longer need/use, click on the trash can beside that device to free up the activation. Then try activating the mobile device again. 

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