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Problems Logging In

I just bought Norton Security and Backup today.  When I bought it, I created a password, but once i needed to sign in, it would say "information is required"  and make the password box red, so i just decided to try to reset my password.  When I type in the new password, i click the update button and it deletes what I wrote and makes both boxed red and says "information is required"  If someone could please help me, my computer has viruses and I really need this to work to get rid of them!!



Re: Problems Logging In

Have you activated and registered NSBU.  Where did you buy it from.  How did you install it.  What password where for what.  Sign in to the UI?  Have you installed activated and registered NSBU to a new Norton account or established Norton account.  Installing Norton on an infected system...?  What security product did you have before and how did you remove it.  Need OS info and how do you know your system is infected.  Did you run LU update after install.  R U running W8/8.1   have you restarted your machine  R U running any other security products

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