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problems Logging in to Norton core router

Hi, how can I log in to the core router via Ip address on my PC?  don't' want to use the app? I keep getting 403 Forbidden with the IP address of the core router


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Re: problems Logging in to Norton core router

You can't access the Core Router with a PC.   You need to use either IOS or Android app.


Re: problems Logging in to Norton core router

It's very unsatisfactory that there aren't Norton Core apps for more platforms. I've got 3 Android-based tablets, none of which are compatible with the Norton Core app (I tried). I had to activate my pay-as-you-go smartphone (which I normally use only when travelling) for a monthly charge of $40 simply in order to install the Core. When it expires at the end of the month, I'll have no way to monitor the router activity (or create guest nets, etc).  Why not a Windows or Mac OS app? I've got 3 Android tablets, 1 Windows 8 tablet, 1 Windows 8 laptop, 1 Windows 10 laptop and 1 Mac OS desktop ... and I can't run Norton Core on any of them !!! I have to buy a smartphone !!! Absurd.


Re: problems Logging in to Norton core router

A cell phone should still power up to the home screen and be able to connect to wifi with out being activated on a cell network?  I just tried it on my iPhone with out a SIM card and it works just fine on wifi with no SIM or cell service. Can someone chime in and confirm whether or not an Android phone can do the same?  Also, on your phone make sure you activate your Bluetooth because initially I think the Core established my connection to the Core via bluetooth.


Re: problems Logging in to Norton core router

Ah, that's true, isn't it? I didn't think that through.

I was confused due to the fact that I was unable to do the initial setup without re-enabling the smartphone, because ... with my net ripped apart and wired into the not-yet-configured Core router, I was not able to configure it without a connection to the Internet.

Thanks for pointing that out.

I do stick by my original point, though, that the Core router needs  more (and more secure) apps for more platforms.


Re: problems Logging in to Norton core router

Hey Don,  

I also just referenced and found a part in the user manual under system requirements that states a cell connection is required "for initial setup only" and android 4.4 or greater.  Not sure how that would affect you in your situation or if you would have to buy a monthly prepaid plan for the one time setup.   See below.  

User manual is locate here:  ftp://ftp.symantec.com/public/english_us_canada/products/norton_core_rou...

  1. System requirements and specifications

    Norton Core provides powerful Norton protection for your home wireless network. You set up and manage Norton Core using the Norton Core app on your Android or iOS device.

    Norton Core setup requirements

    • Broadband internet connection (cable or DSL modem)

      Note: Norton Core currently does not support Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) connection.

    • Data plan on mobile device (for initial setup only) 

■ Norton Core app
System requirements for Norton Core app

  • iOS 9.0 or later

  • 4.4 (KitKat) or later

  • Bluetooth Smart (BLE) support on mobile device 

  1. Bluetooth (BLE) compatible mobile devices

    Bluetooth (BLE) is available built-in on Android smart phones and tablets that come installed with Android v4.4 and later. For Apple iOS devices, BLE is available on iPhone 4S and later, iPad 3 and later, and iPod Touch 5 and later.

    If you’re not sure whether your mobile device supports Bluetooth BLE, check the manual of your mobile device. Alternatively, you can search online with the model number of your device. 


Re: problems Logging in to Norton core router

Yes, I discovered I needed a cell phone connection for the initial installation, and so I activated my pre-pay smartphone (having been unable to download the app to several of my Android tablets).

There should be apps for more platforms, especially Windows.

As a former senior network engineer at Stanford University, whose responsibilities included backbone router configuration, I'm shocked at the missing features in the Core router (static IP addresses, control over DHCP range, etc).

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