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Process updates failure--Norton Security


This is the second day in a row that I've manually run LU, file(s) download but the screen indicates 'Failed to complete' on the final step of processing the updates? I have LU set to operate automatically so I'm not sure what other downloads have failed to install.

I clicked Summary and I've attached a screenshot of same.




Re: Process updates failure--Norton Security

Hello Mr. MarkG2

RE: the screen shot you posted is the summary at the completion from running LU interactively.

That Summary only show 4 of the 5 and has fewer details than the "more options" button in "History", or double click on the entry for the LiveUpdate Session, then click the "+" in front of the number of "Total Updates Applied".

The "NSBU Engine" shown in your attached PDF file is one of several files which indicates that: Maybe you were randomly selected "Drafted" for the post beta release but not final release announced:

" Norton 22.7.1 Product Update available now "

at this link:


Telemetry is supposed to be automatic but posting here will also be tabulated and CO$T analyzed.

I was drafted yesterday.

One dot 32 version seems to have installed Ok, I'll find out how it behaves.

Take a look in History, keep the gurus busy, post your further findings. We're in the PBC - Post-Beta-Corp.

Also check Help on the first Norton Screen the "?" in the bullet then click "about", which shows your version.

W or as other languages name the letter "doo-ble-vay" but separate the twins, VV  V-----V verify your version. 


-- The "p" in Corp is silent as it is on the side of the bowl.

Beware, Beware this link:



Re: Process updates failure--Norton Security

Did you try clicking on Get Support below one of the failed update results?

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.
Accepted Solution

Re: Process updates failure--Norton Security

After ~5-7 days of manually updating, the update(s) were finally all successful today absent my intervention--daily persistence. I'm leaving this sleeping dog alone.


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