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This forum thread needs a solution.

product change for family member from N360 to N.S.

Another family member uses Norton 360 on tower format computer, and the subscription expires in a month.  The other user has poor internet & online registration skills and has simply been accepting whatever automatic renewal that occurs, but  now the goal is to put on a Norton Security install.  Not sure is what will happen for the money or credit.  

Download and Install NS from the "...latest/ns" direct link, buy a license key from a retail store, do the registration information when the product reaches that stage in the installation process


Download the NS from "...latest/ns" direct link, completely uninstall and remove N360, INSTALL the new Norton Security, and will the current "registered" user's current account pickup the registration fee-or-charge on its own without interrupting the registration process


What?  Something else?

The accounts for myself and the other users are two separate ones.  I know mostly what to do for MY OWN account, but the other family member has the separate account both online and in financing the registration.  I would like to avoid spending cash green money for a new NS license registration key because auto-renewal is already setup.  If I spend the cash for the other user's license fee,  then I would not want auto-renewal to confuse the situation.  Not know if auto-renewal is smart enough to know to act or not.  I myself hope to let the user keep the same expiration date with the only change being removal of Norton 360 and putting in Norton Security.


Affected Machine:  64-bit, Windows 10, tower shaped computer, 11 months old



Re: product change for family member from N360 to N.S.

You can log into your Norton Account and turn OFF auto renewal and also remove the billing information.

Then buy a key for the NS of your choice. Then download and install the new NS. It will uninstall the old version and install NS and register it to your current Norton Account.

Then contact Norton chat and they will transfer any remaining days from the old product to the new. 



Re: product change for family member from N360 to N.S.


To install your NS on other people's devices, please go to Help on the main page of your program. There is a section listed there where you can add a device after you have installed the program on one device. You can follow the directions given after you click that link. I haven't installed the program on other devices using this system. We don't use the vault, so my husband can use my account to download a preactivated copy of the program.

There would be 1 charge for the program. You would buy the new key and then the other members would have to give you a portion of the money for the program since you would all be using the same key. You would be best off by disabling auto-renewal because you can shop around and get a better price for the program than paying for a renewal of the program.


Success always occurs in private and failure in full view. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Norton Core Security Plus Core Firmware 282 I E 11 Chrome latest version.

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