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Product Update - for Norton Internet Security 2011 and Norton AntiVirus 2011 (December 27th, 2010) - ENGLISH ONLY

Dear Norton Community,

We are glad to announce that we have completed testing our latest inline releases of Norton AntiVirus 2011 / Norton Internet Security 2011 and we are ready to release the patches for English users.

To receive the update, simply run LiveUpdate and download the update. A reboot will be required.

To verify you have the update, launch the Main User Interface, click on Support, and select About. The version number of the new release for Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security will be

Please Note: The patch is currently available to ENGLISH users ONLY. We will be releasing the patches in other regions soon.

The FAQ below tries to answer some common questions:

1. What is the version number for this patch?

The version number is

Please note that all Norton Internet Security 2011 and Norton AntiVirus 2011 customers with a valid subscription will receive this update for free. Not using the Norton 2011 products? See if you qualify for a FREE update to the 2011 products by visiting the Norton Update Center.

2. When will I receive the patch?

As a standard practice, we will be deploying the patch in a phased manner. On Monday, December 27th 2010, we will be releasing the patch to some randomly selected English customers. We will then monitor our telemetry, as well as this forum, for any problem reports or issues.

Once we have confirmed the effectiveness of the patch we will make it available to all customers. We will post an update on the Norton Community Forums when we make the patch available to all customers.

See Update Below

3. How can I manually install these patches?

This update is currently only available through LiveUpdate. We will update this post when we have the update published in other venues. 

4. What are the changes in this release?

18.5 contains many changes and fixes from the previous version. Some of these changes include: 

- Fixed an issue where Norton Insight might falsely report 0% trusted when Performance Monitoring was disabled. (Discussed Here)

- Fixed an issue with the Activity Map might not update when Smart Definitions are enabled. (Discussed Here)

- Improved instances where the Norton AntiSpam Toolbar might be erroneously disabled (or "grayed out") in Microsoft Outlook 2007 and Microsoft Outlook 2010. (Discussed Here)

- Corrected an issue where "Custom UI Runtime Error in Norton AntiSpam Outlook Plugin" might display when using Microsoft Outlook. (Discussed Here)

- Fixed an issue where the option to "run" an executable was missing from a File Insight/Download Insight window. (Discussed Here)

- Corrected an issue where Idle Full System Scans would show report inconsistent amounts of Scanned Files. (Discussed Here)

- Fixed an issue where Full System Scans would not run continuously, including when the machine is left idle.

- Fixed an issue where the Norton Product may display "Subscription Expired" after updating from a previous version.

- Fixed Internet Explorer crashes that were due to Intrusion Prevention. 

- Performance Enhancements were made on the Norton Toolbar for Internet Explorer 9 Beta. 

- Enhanced Settings migration when updating from an older version.

- Usability and Performance improvements to the support experience. 

- Added better Norton AntiSpam support for Microsoft Outlook configured with multiple accounts. 

- Corrected a few instances of 8504 errors that may appear when the Norton product is launched. 

- Fixed a Registry Leak issue that may occur during shutdown. (Discussed Here)

Please note that the issues that some users were experiencing where the Norton product would lock up after installing the 18.5 update was due to a definition that was applied after 18.5 was installed. We have since corrected that definition and the issue will not occur.

If you have any questions, feel free to let us know on the forums!  


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Re: Product Update - for Norton Internet Security 2011 and Norton AntiVirus 2011 (December 27th, 2010) - ENGLISH ONLY

Regarding FAQ#2:

The Norton Internet Security / Norton AntiVirus patch is now generally available for all English users. Run LiveUpdate to download the patch. You may need reboot is Automatic LiveUpdate has already downloaded the patch. 

We will update this post when the patch is available for all languages. 

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