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Protect at risk

I had to reinstall windows 10. I did a clean install and reinstall Norton's 360 now when I go into my Norton's account it has a red X and tells me Computer Protection at Risk. Norton's on my computer says I'm protected but my Norton's account say its not. which is correct.

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Re: Protect at risk

On your machine, open N360 > Settings > Administrative Settings and make sure you have Remote Management enabled.  If not, that could be why Norton Management isn't seeing your current installation.

Windows 10 x64 1903

Re: Protect at risk

Hello Richard

Does the Norton Account show the right amount of seats used or remaining? You can click on Help Subscription Status and that should you the correct status according to the Symantec servers. If you think it's incorrect, you can contact Customer Support at www.norton.com/chat  They can straighten out subscription status. Please remember to run Live Update until no more updates.


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