Protection Status with Norton web front concerns...

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Just wanting to know as I don't normally go on the Norton web portal, just use NIS client, that after doing a renewal today of my subscription which went well, and my 2007 NIS install that is on my XP SP3 setup did its thing is that on the -> https://my.norton.com/extspa/dashboard/Home it is telling me that the machine is not protected. I'm not sure why that is occuring and whether I should concern myself with the status that is shown? If clicking the Device Security option, it allows me to update the software with a new download. I don't mind the interface of the one that I have, and unless there is a real need to do so, should I download the new version seeing that it works and all updates get performed anyway both the app and antivirus parts?

If I install the new download and wish to go back to the one that I have, is there a way? The NIS 2007 that I have was apart of my IBM/Lenovo R61 purchase and it isn't a simple .exe file I click to reinstall, but apart of a suite of installs that it does automatically. I'll need to reinstall the whole system which is something I don't wish to do.


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Re: Protection Status with Norton web front concerns...

If you are seeing Not Protected on the devices page, that has been an ongoing issue getting all Device page information to update correctly. Your issue may also be because Win XP and Vista OS's are in maintenance mode for Norton Products.  See this Norton announcement.    You should check the Subscriptions page by clicking on the user icon at the top right and click on Manage my Subscriptions. Then find your current subscription and click on Manage Licenses. Your XP computer should be listed there. 

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