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'Protection updates - not fixed' - what should I do?? NIS2011, Win7

I have run LiveUpdate a few times on my install of NIS 2011. However, I am always left with a screen saying 'Protection updates - not fixed'. I have a big message on the home screen at all times saying 'Your computer needs attention - Fix Now'. The icon for the program has a red exclamation mark on it all the time in the status bar. Also on the home screen I get a message saying that I havent run LiveUpdate for over a week, even though I run it every day and it seems to be successful every time.

I have checked the system time and it is correct, as is the time zone. Anything else I can do, or should I just reinstall the program? I have a 3 PC licence with my copy of NIS, which I havent installed anywhere else or used anywhere else. If I do reinstall, will one of my 3PC licences be wasted and I am left with one spare licence?

Thanks everyone



Re: 'Protection updates - not fixed' - what should I do?? NIS2011, Win7



You will not 'waste' a license doing the following. If the system doesn't cooperate be sure to visit with the fine folks at the customer service chat feature.

Be sure to uninstall NIS. Then use the Norton Removal Tool to be sure that all if the little bits and pieces are also gone. It might take twice with a reboot in between to be absolutely sure. Reboot again and reinstall NIS. This should get everything back in order so that the error screen is a thing of the past. Let us know how it all works out

Hope this helps

Dick Win 10x64 current current NSBU

Re: 'Protection updates - not fixed' - what should I do?? NIS2011, Win7


Before you uninstall make sure you back up your Identity Safe data if you use that feature. Then you can reimport if after making a new clean installation.

You can download the current version of NIS 18.....29 from here and save it on your hard drive where you can find it again.

New NIS 2011:

Click on this link -- NIS 2011This will download a single file of around 90MB which you should save on your hard drive where you can use it again if necessary -- Do not select Run but use Save when asked and remember where you put it!

Click on this link -- NIS 2011 Netbook Edition if you want the Netbook Edition of NIS 2011 -- the KEYs are not interchangeable between the two versions of NIS.

You can get the Norton Removal Tool from here, with instructions but I'd use the above file to reinstall rather than follow the procedure they give which uses a Download Manager.

This link: Symantec Norton Removal Tool. will direct you to the current Symantec Norton Removal Tool.

When you go to run the Norton Removal Tool that you have downloaded Right mouse click on the downloaded file and select Run as Administrator since under VISTA and WIndows 7 I find it gives more reliable results.

Similarly for reinstalling NIS --Right Mouse CLick and select Run as Administrator

After you reinstall NIS run LiveUpdate a few times with a reboot in between each until it say you are fully uptodate and then hopefully everything will be OK .....

Lete us kinowhow yhou gete on.


Re: 'Protection updates - not fixed' - what should I do?? NIS2011, Win7

May be we can try this before uninstall/Reinstall:

1.Start the Norton product
2.Turn off Norton product tamper protection
3.Navigate the following location c:\programdata\Norton\Guid\product version\lue\download
4.Delete the contents of the download folder
5.Run LiveUpdate.

CyberLife :)

Re: 'Protection updates - not fixed' - what should I do?? NIS2011, Win7

Hello CyberLife

I don't know if your suggestion will work or not, but you did neglect to mention 1 other important step. Number 5 should be to turn Tamper Protection right back on as not doing that causes a security risk. Thanks.

Success always occurs in private and failure in full view. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit 1903 Norton Core Security Plus Core Firmware 302 Android App 2.23 Chrome latest version.

Re: 'Protection updates - not fixed' - what should I do?? NIS2011, Win7

Hi there!

I had the same problem as the OP. It started about Thursday 05/19.
Out of nowhere my Norton had a red cross instead of a green tick and told me my system was at risk and to FIX NOW
So i downloaded the updates about 4 times (100 meg worth) and they failed every time (over the weekend)
Yesterday I uninstalled the program, reinstalled it. My system was "safe" but said I hadn't run live update in 281 days
I downloaded all the "new" updates and AGAIN it failed to process them. It downloaded them all but failed at installing 13/16 updates. My live updates are always updated so that 281 days is crap. they get updated at least several times a week and every time I check (prior to last Thurs) they are usually "updated 5 mins ago" etc ...

I just downloaded the updates again and it failed AGAIN


My system is "safe" but still says i havent run live update in 282 days :S


Re: 'Protection updates - not fixed' - what should I do?? NIS2011, Win7

Thanks, Floplot

That is an important step, and I somehow missed it. That you for reminding me that.

CyberLife :)

Re: 'Protection updates - not fixed' - what should I do?? NIS2011, Win7

Greetings dee82,

Here, you need to find out the LiveUpdate error and then follow the steps in the support article to resolve it. Before you do that, make sure that the system date and time is correct.

Here are the steps to find out the error:



CyberLife :)

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