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This forum thread needs a solution.

PUA-Yontoo virus drives me crazy

I ran the Norton Power Eraser - before I did a system restore process, but NPE wasn't able to fully remove (only detect) a returning low threat malware/adware-virus involving Yahoo Search (PUA-Yontoo), which completely overrules my Firefox settings, where I have deleted Yahoo Search possibilities. Afterwards I ran a full system scan, and NS detected and deleted the trojans and other issues conneced to this virus, but the problem persists. My operating system is Win 10. It seems, that no matter what I do, I can't get rid of the little shit. Please don't ask me to let my Firefox go.. I love that browser..

Does anybody in here have experience with successfully removing this virus? I will be soooo grateful for a solution to this ongoing problem.

Also.. I'm a Danish lass - and not a particularly nerdy kind, so please go easy with the IT/tech-vocabulary :-)

Thanks a lot in advance.. for your time and engagement..


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Re: PUA-Yontoo virus drives me crazy

Firstly, please do NOT try any 'quick fixes' or to solve this yourself.

It sounds like it's time to sign up for assistance from one of the free malware removal sites.  Please pick one and stay with them until your system is clean.


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Re: PUA-Yontoo virus drives me crazy

Thanks a lot for your comment @Krusty13. I didn't know forums like that existed and will give it a fullhearted try - and I will leave a comment about how it turns out later..


Re: PUA-Yontoo virus drives me crazy


1. Apparently, prevention is much more important, and efficient, when it comes to adware attacks. Please be kindly educated that, uninstalling Mozilla Firefox won't address your problem above. At least, you can learn how to avoid such bloatware infection here.

2. As for the mentioned "Yahoo Search (PUA-Yontoo)", well, they are different, personally:

  • Yahoo Search is a component of Yahoo! Toolbar, which could be frequently installed alongside sponsorware, due to affiliate marketing.

  • Yontoo..., which is also known as "Yontoo Layers 1.10.02" - I met it years ago - 08/12, 2013.

  • The FoxTab PDF Creator too offered that adware in its express install.

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