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purge backup files

my hard drive filled up so i deleted the backup set that was filling 85% of the space but i did not select delete files AND set. So now that the backup set name is gone, how do i get rid of the backup files from that set?

I use Norton 360 and have a windows 10 laptop



Re: purge backup files

Hi, I have a similar problem but using the on line / cloud vault.  I had to uninstall and reinstall Norton Security with Backup due to other problems.  I did not try to save my settings during the process.  Afterwards any backup sets did not appear on my Norton installation BUT they are there on the Norton back up servers awaiting download to another computer if I log directly into the Norton Backup area rather than through my local Norton Security installation.  There is no Purge option when I access my backed up data so I cannot get rid of them.

We all make mistakes (there are two of us here in this post) so does anyone know of a method to get rid of stored backup files other than perhaps deleting the backed up ones which are on local hard drives?  My issue is with the cloud vault.


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