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Kudos2 Stats

Purpose of the Tech Outpost Board

Would it be possible for the Forums Admins to pin a post at the top of the Tech Outpost board explaining the purpose of that off-topic discussion board (e.g., titled "Welcome to the Tech Outpost Board").

We recently had one newbie scolded <here> for posting a "non-Norton" question about Adobe Flash in the Tech Outpost board, and users are constantly posting questions / feedback about their Norton product in that board or trying to alert Forum Admins about inappropriate use of the forum (e.g., spam) that should either be reported via the Notify a Moderator link or discussed somewhere else like the Forum Feedback board.


Kudos3 Stats

Re: Purpose of the Tech Outpost Board

Thanks @lmacri. It looks like that thread got "unpinned" at some post. I've re-pinned it:


Tony Weiss | Norton Forums Global Community Manager | Symantec Corporation

Re: Purpose of the Tech Outpost Board

Thank you, Tony, and Happy New Year.

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