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Putting Norton Antitrack extension on Microsoft Edge stops the browser from working and severely slows down the computer.

A few days ago, I downloaded Norton Antitrack and enabled the extension on Microsoft Edge. As the hours and days passed, I noticed that the computer slowed down considerably. Pages took longer to load on Microsoft Edge. It took five minutes to open a Word document. At times, I had to restart the computer. In the end, I was not able to open Microsoft Edge, but I was able to open Chrome (which also had its Norton Antitrack extension). 

I first tried what used to be called System Restore (in Windows 10 the action is uninstalling and reinstalling the operating software). It didn't start while the computer was in normal operating mode. I then placed the computer in what used to be called Safe Mode and reinstalled Windows 10. Files (such as Word, PDF documents) were left intact while all other software/apps (including Norton and Microsoft Office) were uninstalled. 

After Windows 10 was reinstalled, Microsoft Edge was working fast. I then reinstalled Norton 360 and Norton Antitrack. I enabled the Antitrack extension for Microsoft Edge. At the beginning, Microsoft Edge worked fine but after a few hours of inactivity (ie the computer was on but not being used), I could no longer open Microsoft Edge. I restarted the computer, and Microsoft Edge was able to open. I then removed the Antitrack extension and Microsoft Edge was fine in the hours and days ahead. 

I would appreciate if readers are able to suggest solutions to the above problem. 

Thank you for your help.