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This forum thread needs a solution.

Python pip packages notoriously blocked and removed

Norton Internet Security has started to always block & remove any python-related executable/script. This makes any python development a nightmare, as I need to manually restore/exclude every python-executable I want to run.

Example #1: Newly installed python 3.6.1, will have its "pip.exe" blocked as security risk. This is only a mild-annoyance all I need to do is to exclude it once.

Example #2: Any pip-installed executable will also have to be excluded and trusted - should I install ipython, it will need to be manually excluded from further searches, as it will be initially marked as security risk.

Example #3: When utilizing virtualenv, this behaviour of Norton is unbearable. Any time I create a new python virtualenv I need to manually exclude every script I want to use, rendering virtualenv nearly useless. 

I belive that SONAR is responsible for this and that this change has happened recently. 

Is there any way to make it stop being so aggressive towards python, except for turning SONAR off ?