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Question about notice

I am not as tech savvy as some, so this may be a dumb question, but I am confused.  Periodically we receive e-mail messages that say "  Norton Safety Minder on_______ (computer name)  used by ________ (child personal account)  has been disabled. As you know, Norton Safety Minder is required on every computer monitored by OnlineFamily.Norton."

  How does that happen?  Did my child somehow figure out a password or what?  This is the one account that has no time restriction, so not being able to see what is going on concerns me.  How can I stop this?



Re: Question about notice

Hi dcindc,

After you receive the notification emails, Are you still able to see the online activities(on the Web, Search... tab)?



Thanks Katie

Re: Question about notice

I get the same message periodically for both my children.  I am still able to see the list of each child's online activity. 

It appears that my kids don't realize they're turning off the service.


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