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Questioning the ability to provide a reliable and usable product

You know it took quite a long time for Symantec to come up with a working solution for Firefox using Identity Safe and it still isn't completely able to fill in all the user ID's and passwords on the websites, that I have used regularly, liked it used to with reliability and regularity. Now this issue with Gmail not auto-filling the email addresses and passwords. I have been a customer for many many years with Norton products with great satisfaction but now I beginning to lose my faith in their ability to put out a well thought out and reliable program to meet these new browser changes. The pace of the internet grows in velocity exponentially every 3 months. You mean to tell me when this new Gmail program came out in Chrome that Symantec had no idea and every time there is a change of this nature we have to wait months and months for a bandaid? Now they are selling "Norton Core" to control your home. How do you expect any present or former customer to think about purchasing "Core" over the other myriad of similar products based on their faltering reputation? I am not jumping ship but I have taken my life preserver out of the closet and hung it over my desk chair!