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We were using a different program/app for our son's "parental control" but he's figured out what the other app's icon is and he now has a meltdown every time we install it.  Now we're looking for an Android and PC solution where the icon can be hidden (a must) and preferably where the warning message can be customized.

Can Norton Family help us?


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Re: Questions about Norton Family

Hi JustPlainBill

Norton Family as a product offering is the same for every customer installing and using it. We do not hide icons, suppress or customize warning messages to cater to a specific family need. Parents have the ability to modify house rules as needed for their children.

Moreover, the product is aimed to protect children for digital well-being while on the internet. It's important for parents and children to have an open & constructive discussion on how Norton Family is configured to safeguard them.

We offer 30 days free trial and you could try out the product at

Here is how you can setup NF on Windows and Android:

Norton Family team!

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