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Questions From New User

Just intstalled Norton Online Family and have run into a few issues I can't resolve.

1. When I began the sign up process I tried using my Cox email address and it wouldn't allow me. It said it was already in use. I used this address when I got Norton 360 over a year ago. Can it not also be used for Online Family?

2. I have all the social networking and IM features checked to be blocked under my daughters profile. But when when she logs on she still has access to MSN IM. The small icon is in the lower RH corner with a X over it. Click on it and IM opens up. How come this isn't being blocked? Do I have to put a block under MSN.com?

3. When I right click on the Norton Safety Minder icon and select Update House Rules a moving green dot shows up on the icon but the House Rules page never shows up. In order for me to get to house rules I have to go to Start/All Programs/Norton Safety Minder/Norton Safety Minder Website. I have to log on and then I get to the House Rules page. Am I wrong in assuming that the Norton Safety Minder in the lower RH corner is supposed to get me there? I have a hunch that I did not get a complete install since the icon for Norton Safety Minder Website in not a Norton icon. It's the Explorer blue E over a piece of paper.



Re: Questions From New User

1. You can use Cox email address/password (which you used for Norton 360) for Online Family as well. Try to directly login with Cox email address to Online Family. You should NOT go through "Sign up" process on Online Family web site for an account which is already registered with Norton 360.  

2. Please note that IM blocking does not mean blocking of the IM programs like MSN IM or Yahoo Messenger. It means blocking of IM buddies. Child will still be able to login to her IM but she would not be able to chat with buddies. All the settings (Block, Monitor, Unmonitor) under IM Supervision apply to the IM buddies (friend list). Please see help for more information.


3. When you right-click Norton Safety Minder icon, you will see a link "View My House Rules", just above the link "Update House Rules". Click on "View My House Rules" to see the house rules. Clicking on the link "Update House Rules" will download house rules from Online Family Web site. Also, note that "View My House Rules" will display a dialog with a summary of all the house rules and this dialog is meant for the child. As a parent, you would like to login to Online Family web site to see the rules in details.

The Norton Safety Minder icon is a "yellow square box with a black paw". It will appear in the lower right-hand corner and if you point your cursor with help of mouse on the this icon, it will show a tooltip "Norton Safety Minder - Enabled" 


Re: Questions From New User

View My House Rules has gray lettering and is not active. I can Edit Accounts but nothing happens when I click on Update House Rules. Again, the only way I can get to the House rules is via All Programs/Norton Safety Minder/Norton Safety Minder Website. I'm logged on the computer under my profle, not my daughters.

It sounds like if I would have used my Cox email and my Norton 360 password it would have worked. So I ended up basically creating a second account. Should I do a uninstall and then a fresh install using my Norton info?


Re: Questions From New User

Please note that "View My House Rules" is meant for the child. Only the profile (account) which has House Rules set for it, will be able to view house rules via Norton Safety Minder system tray icon. So you daughter can view her house rules when she logs into her profile (Windows account). As a parent, you can view House Rules on the Website.

You can continue using existing installation with second account. It is not must to uninstall and reinstall with Cox email account. However, if you want, you can do so.

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