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Rackspace CDN domain blocked

A large group of our users cannot access our content because they use Norton Safe Web. Norton Safe Web has blocked rackcdn.com which is the CDN domain of Rackspace. I have notified Rackspace but they are reluctant to fix this issue.

Is there any chance you could unblock the rackcdn.com domain? The reported threats are located on a subdomain. Each user has a random generated subdomain on rackcdn.com and this one subdomain can be blocked in order to keep users safe: fbdca1aa8b880016bf93-fe8db8e793d145b7a307239462d85480.r72.cf5.rackcdn.com

I am not a site owner thus I cannot follow the steps to get reevaluated. 



Re: Rackspace CDN domain blocked


I will bring this to the attention of the Safe Web Team. Please allow them a few days to get back to you in this thread. Thanks.

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Re: Rackspace CDN domain blocked

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Accepted Solution

Re: Rackspace CDN domain blocked

Hi HenkSlaaf,

We have added this domain “rackcdn.com” for partition, so that each sub domain will have granular rating. The site is currently rated green in safeweb.norton.com.





Re: Rackspace CDN domain blocked

Super! Thank you very much.

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