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A Range Extender Perfect Match For The Norton Core

While the Norton Core has good range, I had problems getting to my Ring.Com doorbell which was only 48 feet away via line of sight. The problem was my house's construction. My house is poured concrete foundation with rebar, the exterior walls are 8" block with 4" brick veneer with a soldiers course every two blocks holding it tied together with metal strips going from the brick mortar between the blocks. The window and door headers underneath the plaster are steel beams. Not to mention the lintels as well. My walls are perforated gypsum with concrete, and a plates veneer, and all corners have metal lath extending one foot into the room. So, I had an RF transmission/reception nightmare in the making. The RSSI inside the house behind the Doorbell was 52. When I placed my analyzer above the Doorbell my RSSI was 78. The signal at the Doorbell had to pass through steel, brick, and the above mentioned materials at a 45 degree angle, which made all materials thicker than mentioned. I had either no video, or very bad video, and no notifications. Ring.com sent me their Extender for free, but that lowered my RSSI to 55 which gave me just bad video, and intermittent notifications. I was ready to return the Norton Core, and the Ring.com, but I did a little research first. I wanted to match the Norton Core's specs exactly with a better range extender than what Ring.com provided.

There may be others, but here's what I found that matches the Norton Core. The Amped|Wireless High PowerREC44M AC2600 Range Extender.  Wireless  Standard: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Frequency Band: 2.4 GHz,  5.0GHz Wireless  Speed: 2.4GHz: 800Mbps  (Tx/Rx) 5.0GHz: 1733Mbps  (Tx/Rx) Amplifier:     4  x  2.4GHz  Internal  Amplifiers   4  x 5.0GHz  Internal  Amplifiers   8  x  Internal  Low  Noise  Amplifiers Memory:    128MB DDR3 Processor:  Dual Core  Processor Antennas:  2  x  Detachable  High  Gain  Dual Band  Antennas 2  x  Reverse  SMA  Connector 2 x  Internal High  Gain  Dual Band  Antennas. 

I put this at the end of the house where the Doorbell is located. My RSSI above the Doorbell is now 46, and inside the house behind the Doorbell the RSSI is 36! The video is clear as a bell (no pun intended), and all notifications register immediately.

The only con I have is that I have to use another SSID, and while I can see the Range Extender on my CORE APP, I can no longer see the Ring.com devices that use the Extender. Any ideas?



Re: A Range Extender Perfect Match For The Norton Core

Hi, you can try to use https://www.advanced-ip-scanner.com/ to see if you can find the IP address on the Ring can you log into your AC2600 Range Extender and see it your Ring is showing it mac, IP address?  also on the Norton Core if you can look at devices and make sure it does not have a pause for you ring

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