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Re-activate to Repair

Have an active subscription for Norton utilities Premium - clearly visible on my account with a key and a serial number.

Recently installed "Ultimate" version for a free trial period - didn't feel it was worth the extra so i opted out of the subscription before it lapsed into payment.

That trial - I think would have ended about now but I have not used the Utilities for a while - Until today.

I am confronted with a message "Re-activate to Repair"

Have followed all the support guides - un-install re-install etc several times - even tried re-starting the PC - carefully selecting the premium version .

On running I find I am back to same problem - asking me to activate "Ultimate" even though I download Premium.

Tried raising support with Norton - The automatic help just tell me to do the same things again.

I have been a big advocate of Norton for many years but I have never found it so difficult to get "REAL HELP"

If I don't get a positive response to fix this it will be the end for me when my subscription expires

Is there anyone from Norton listening



Re: Re-activate to Repair

I just downloaded utilities (again) and it won't allow me to reactivate it. I'm SO done with Norton. Like you, I've been a big advocate of Norton. As soon as my subscription expires, I'm done.


Re: Re-activate to Repair

Just spent time with an online agent - not a robot - who fixed the issue for me. 

I understand the "ultimate trial" version had to be disabled - on my Norton account - at the Norton end of the chain - to get over the issue.

i.e they do it - it is not a fix available to users. The fix was immediate - no re-install necessary.

I now have my premium back (free).

My subscription (Norton 360 Premium) is the qualifier for my utilities premium and it has best part of a year to run.

I suspect if the subscription lapses, I will lose premium key - and then would probably have to switch to ultimate version - (If I want it).

Was not impressed by the cost for the extra features - which seems mainly to be Registry Clean - which is why I reverted to premium.

Point to Note here - as a general statement Microsoft do not support Registry Clean Ups - i am led to believe.

What if I renew Norton 360 Premium without it expiring?? I ask - Has anyone had experience of this I wonder?

There is a long trail relating to this issue and I am surprised at this stage the fix is not better detailed on their pages.

i.e trying to fix by re-installing as they guide you to do does not fix - as it continues to re-install Ultimate only.

In my instance I never had an Ultimate subscription - only the trial - so i never actually saw an ultimate key.

Hope this is enough to help others through the problem.

Finally - would like to say, that I am a longstanding and happy user of Norton Products. 

I have had minor issues such as this but have always found Norton support - or community assistance - successful.

However - I think the Norton Halo as slipped a little.

Maybe the Norton Marketing Team should be thinking carefully about this Utility App.

I always tend to invest in a long-term subscription and have enjoyed the free version I am using BUT I don't think i would pay for it as an add on.

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Re: Re-activate to Repair

i have the same issue can norton please release the product i paid for  asap tell me it expired on 8/16/22 but im paid up till next year please help or i will cancel 

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