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Re-evaluating a site


there's a site (http://www.sanaristikot.net) I've been using for a long time without a problem. However, since installing Norton toolbar, I have not been able to access it, since Norton deems it unsafe.​Would it be possible to re-evaluate the site? Or any way around Norton's block (other than removing the toolbar)? 


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Re: Re-evaluating a site

Hello Lindbergs

Welcome to the Norton Community Forum.

I will ask the Safe Web Team if they can re-evaluate the site since you are a user of the site.

Please stay tuned to this thread for a response from the Safe Web Team on Tuesday night after midnight EDT.

Have a Nice Day and


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Re: Re-evaluating a site

Thank you very much, floplot! Apparently, the site has been re-evaluated now, and is rated safe. I can go back to my crossword-solving now! 
Thank you one more time for the fast reply, and my thanks to the Safe Web Team for a quick re-evaluation!

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Re: Re-evaluating a site

Hi Lindbergs

We have manually analyzed the below domain and found it to be clean. So we have modified its rating to green in safeweb.norton.com.