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Re-instating Internet Security 2011 Licence?

Internet Security 2011

1 Year Protection

for up to 3 PCs


I run two computers, one is a desktop PC and the other is a notebook. Both have Internet Security 2011 installed on them.

The notebook crashed yesterday, due to a problem with the boot manager. The only way to get it up and running gain was to upload an old system image. This has taken me back to when I had internet security 2010 installed and this has obviously since expired.

I want to re-instate Internet Security 2011, using one of my original license used before the notebook crashed. How do I do this?

Many thanks.


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Re: Re-instating Internet Security 2011 Licence?

Hi SP-UK-1976,

In order to reinstall NIS 2011 and get back your subscription days, please do the following and download and save the latest NIS 2011 installer to your computer from this link:

You will also need your Norton product key in order to activate Norton 2011; during activation, your subscription days will be picked up automatically by Norton. You can fetch your product key from your Norton account:
You can also find your product key on the CD sleeve.

Disconnect from the internet to be on the safe side and remove NIS 2010 via the control panel; your computer should be restarted automatically during this process. Install NIS 2011 after the reboot.You will be prompted by NIS to connect to the internet during activation. After installation and activation, please run LiveUpdate immediately and repeatedly in order to obtain the latest updates and reboot your computer.

During activation, a notification may pop up saying that you have exceeded the number of allowed activations. If this happens, please contact Symantec Customer Support, and they will reset your activations for you. You can chat with them for free over here:

Please tell us if this procedure worked for you :-)

Your Norton Ladybug.

Re: Re-instating Internet Security 2011 Licence?

Hello SP-UK-1976

Judging by your username, I am going to give you customer support for UK just in case you may need it. Thanks.


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Re: Re-instating Internet Security 2011 Licence?

Many thanks for your replies.

I'll give it a go when I get chance.

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