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This forum thread needs a solution.

Re: Outgoing emails blocked when Norton 360 outgoing email antivirus scanning is enabled

I have just encountered a problem that has just raised itself.  On occasion (since mid October),  Norton displays a message that the email has not been delivered; this appears to be random as not all emails are blocked.  Norton's message is that the email cannot be delivered because "connection to mailserver was interrupted".  The message did not occur until the last 2 months.

Norton state (see https://support.norton.com/sp/en/uk/home/current/solutions/v57846078_EndUserProfile_en_us) that this is not an error on its part and suggest dis enabling out-going scanning of emails (which I think is low risk if my PC is "clean" and Norton is scanning incoming website traffic and emails properly).  However, I think there is an issue with outgoing email scanning

Why do I think that?  I have been disabling Norton scanning on outgoing emails, but I have been putting a delivery receipt on all outgoing unscanned email messages.  All outgoing messages get through OK as I get the delivery receipt.  With Norton scanning outgoing emails enabled, I get random email blocking.

So there is an issue here -  whether it is Norton's problem I don't know.. 

Chris Pounder

26 Nov 2017



Re: Re: Outgoing emails blocked when Norton 360 outgoing email antivirus scanning is enabled

Hi Chris, I have the same problem.  It would seem that updates were completed and for some reason or another Norton is now blocking the sending of emails from this particular machine.  We have tried disabling the email scanning with no sucess. 

I know its not the ISP as the account has not problem sending from other devices and webmail.

I hope that some one from Norton can provide a bit more help here.



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