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Reactivate NAV 12 ?

I recently encountered the 'Could not load scan engine" problem (link), so I uninstalled NAV and downloaded a 30-day Trial Version. I already used the SUDO command to remove the keychain and restarted.

According to this forum, I then have to reactivate NAV, but how do I do this ? I guess I'm supposed to enter the Product Key from my purchased version somewhere, but I can't find where exactly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Norton Antivirus 12.3
Mac OS X 10.7



Re: Reactivate NAV 12 ?

The product should ask you to re-activate after your trial period ends. Alternatively, you can launch the Norton AntiVirus application, and click on the "Activate now" link that should be present on the main window.

Ryan McGann Technical Director Norton Business Unit, Symantec
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Re: Reactivate NAV 12 ?

Mr McGann,

I already tried to solve this problem using a trial version, but after it expired I had no other option besides purchasing Norton AntiVirus. Since I recently paid for a one-year-subscription, I don't feel like doing this again.

Also, as you can see on the screenshot I included, there doesn't seem to be any link on the main window that would allow me to reactivate the application.

Actually, I'm not sure how to proceed from here...


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