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A real compromised network

I just finished installing a new/better modem/router on my laptop, and changed a bunch of passwords because my Norton Mobile indicated a compromised network. Norton Antivirus did not. Interestingly, Google Chrome had started blocking web access on my laptop because it detected a "second network". After unplugging my old modem/router, I accessed my list of PC networks and saw a 'Hidden Network" listed, and it was set up to auto-connect. I always believed Norton provided me with a secure firewall. So, what actually happened?



Re: A real compromised network

vnorel Update your Norton Mobile app to the latest version and rescan your network. There was an issue with an older version causing false indications of even the Core router, which I have, being compromised. Regarding the hidden network remove the "auto connect" from the SSID listed and reboot. Recheck your network at the router level (login) and remove any connections you know aren't legit. Reboot the router and see if things clear up.


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