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A really bad Monday for Norton OnLine Chat Folks

Ok,  Three Weeks ago we bought a new PC and found we could not download our backup from Norton's online storage.  So I get on chat with Norton and it takes a senior tech 3 hours to send our stuff back, not all of which came back the way it left and then, back up on the new PC would not work.  Crashed and burned.  So senior tech tells me he will find a solution and be in touch.  Two weeks later I find a voice mail that the tech had called when I was at work and asked me to email him with times to call,

So I emailed, once. twice, thrice and no response.

I gave up and got back on line the next Sunday with support chat and am told, big surprise, I need a senior tech.  But they can't find one.  So they make an appointment for me to be called the next night at 8 PM.  At 8:15 there is no call so I go back online and for TWO AND A HALF DAMN HOURS I am kept on hold for a senior tech that never materializes.

Finally they agree to extend my subscription for 60 days if I don't tell them to stick it, though I have seen no confirmation so that may be a lie,  and they promise a call back with in an hour. Which of course does not happen!

I take matters into my own hands, un-install and re-install 360 and the back up worked fine.  No senior tech required.  

22 hours later a tech calls.  Seriously.  22 hours.  I tell him what I did and the problems and he says I'll get a survey

I get the survey and wait 24 hours to do it because I wanted to be less angry when I did it/.

I click on Survey and it says "LINK HAS EXPIRED!"


So back to chat and tech says he is helpless and useless so I should go to the forum and here I am.

Check Case # [Removed] to verify what I have said.

Subscribe to McAfee....

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Re: A really bad Monday for Norton OnLine Chat Folks

Hello C Bruce Gowan,

I'm truly sorry to hear about the experience you had with our support team and I'd like to follow-up. I've sent you a Forum Private Mail, which you can access via the Inbox option in the upper right hand of the forum header.



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