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Reboot Windows 10 in safe mode caused problem

Case ref. xxxxxxxx. As part of an online chat, following an automated Norton message to delete and reinstall, the technician tried to restart my laptop, running Windows 10, but did not warn me that I would need the administrator password to gain access. Windows would therefore not start and I was advised by the tech to contact Microsoft for a solution which I tried with no success. I therefore was forced to take my laptop to a repair shop. They had to back up my data (photos etc) but could not reinstall other software. Windows 10 was then reinstalled before I could contact Norton to have the antivirus reinstalled. 

Apart from the inconvenience, I had to pay for the repair works. I am very unhappy with no warning of the need for the administrator password being required before the Norton tech offered to reboot in safe mode. If I had been warned I would have been able to warn the tech that I did not know it. I am very dissatisfied with this and they lack of professionalism shown by Norton. 

I think that Norton should acknowledge the error and ensure no other user is put in the same position and have to pay out a substantial amount of money to get my laptop fixed. I would appreciate a speedy response.