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reCAPTCHA suggestion

A number of posts have complained about the complexity of the reCAPTCHA word verification process, such as:

reCAPTCHA is a nightmare

reCAPTCHA doesn't work

Fix your Norton word verification by reCAPTCHA

Some new members have even complained that it has taken several dozen attempts before successful verification.

I think that the situation could be improved if the instructions on the Norton website were changed to conform to the instructions that come along with the reCAPTCHA software.  Currently, the instructions that appear when a user places the cursor in the box are the following:

Type the characters you see in the picture above.

However, these instructions are not completely consistent with the default instructions provided by reCAPTCHA.net, and they are in fact a bit vague and somewhat incomplete.

I think that fewer people would have difficulties with the word verification exercise if the Norton instructions were spelled out more clearly on the Forum's  Registration and Login pages. 

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