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Received the update on 2018-Jan-22, What to do?

Hello Everyone,

I received the new build mentioned in the title on the 22th. What should I do? Should I keep it installed even though it has been pulled once again from the LU servers? Or reinstall the earlier 22.11 version?

I am not experiencing any major issues with this build, except one really minor bug:

Norton Autofix always finds a problem in the installation which can't be corrected (as shown in the screenshot below):



Re: Received the update on 2018-Jan-22, What to do?

The main issue with the new version is a problem with the update process requiring too many LiveUpdate and system restarts to get things settled. As long as you got the correct number of days showing for your subscription on the main Norton page, you can just leave it alone.

If you want to go back to the older version and wait for the fixed update you can download and run the Norton Removal and Reinstall Tool  from    www.norton.com/nrnr   Be sure you read the Before you begin section, and run LiveUpdate manually a few times, restarting as necessary, until no updates are available. Don't worry, you will not get the new version yet, as it is not available at this time.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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