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Received Refund From NRA

FYI - I received a refund from Nortons/Symantec 

In response to Nortons/Symantec slandering 5 million NRA members in response to the most recent mass shooting in Parkland, I canceled my Nortons/Symantec subscription. 

The good news is: I received a refund for the balance of my subscription even though it was past the 60 day mark. 

I helped design one of the first personal computers while working for IBM in the 1980s.  I helped design the first pin products while working for NCR/ATT in the 1990s (technology now used in smartphones, basically).  I have designed and used computing devices from the beginning and I was using Nortons when hard drives were only 10 megabytes, processor speeds were 4.77 MHz and DOS was 15 kilobytes.   

Have many fond memories using Nortons Disk Copy many many times "backup" software (LOL).  I wrote some of the first dos based virus code in the mid-80s just for fun.  Nothing malicious - just prank stuff.  Good times. 

Been using Nortons off and on since then - mostly on.  Times goes on and people/organizations of people change.   The organization called Nortons/Symantec has taken a turn for the worse - they have become tyrant enablers and anti-natural rights advocates.  

I cannot support such an organization so I canceled my subscription.  Symantec did refund the balance of my subscription fee. The Refund was about $50 and with such money, I purchased a three year $100 NRA membership renewal. 

I have installed McAfee and it was free for the first year and it works well - just as good as Nortons. 

So I guess I owe Nortons/Symantec a thank you for the fond memories and supplying the motivation to evaluate my computer security options - which basically resulted in giving me a $50 discount on my NRA membership. 

Thanks and so long, Nortons.  I wish you luck but I cannot wish you well - in fact - I hope companies like yours fail so freedom does not die. 

See attached image for interesting image. 


Kudos3 Stats

Re: Received Refund From NRA

Mr.NRA membership renewal , Maybe Symantec will start to listen.  I wonder are there any virtuous individuals buying, becoming new lifetime customers in response to the anti-NRA proclamation? How successful the virtue signalling  recruitment campaign Symantec?
Symantec ✔               @symantec
Symantec has stopped its discount program with the National Rifle Association.
8:24 AM - Feb 23, 2018


Re: Received Refund From NRA

Crazy question, but what is McAfee's stance on the NRA and pro gun issues? 

I've been with Norton for quite a number of years. But, I will drop them like a hot potato, for similar reasons.