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Recognizing old backups

I use Norton Ghost 14 and Windows XP.

Using Ghost, I restored my C: drive from a one-time backup.

Now Ghost reports that my E: drive is "at risk." It doesn't recognize the old backups stored on an external hard drive, even though the external drive is plugged in and shows in Windows Explorer.

I clicked "refresh" and Ghost scanned my internal hard drives, but not the external one that contains the backups.

Is there a way I can make it understand that E: backups exist so it will stop warning me?


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Re: Recognizing old backups

Unfortunately, no. There really should be a function to import Recovery Point sets into the Ghost history. To get rid of the red X, you can go to the Ghost GUI, Advanced tab, right click the E drive and the Customize Status Reporting. Click No status reporting. Your red X should the turn into a green check mark.


Re: Recognizing old backups

Many thanks.

I hope Symantec includes that feature sometime.

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