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Recover Win Vista Laptop with Norton Ghost 15.0

A recent update on the above laptop has caused the machine to be able to boot up but gets stuck finishing the update and eventually crashes.  Sometimes I can boot into Safe Mode and it will come up, but it is really intermittent and it will still crash pretty quickly.

I have a complete Ghost image of the machine's C: drive and back up files for its D: drive on a USB external drive.  Can I somehow boot from this USB drive and have it re-write the image over the current screwed up hard disk?  I think that I have done this once before for this very machine, but it was a few years ago and I am not sure if I did and how I did it.  Could not find any such instructions on the web.




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Re: Recover Win Vista Laptop with Norton Ghost 15.0


boot up with the SRD (Symantec Recovery Disk) or the installation cd and recover the computer with the most recent backup.

If you installed Lights out restore you could use that it is quicker to access the recovery screen.



Re: Recover Win Vista Laptop with Norton Ghost 15.0

Thank you, booting from the DVD was the missing piece for me.  Will try this soon.

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