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Recovering passwords in N360 V3.0.0.114

Hello, I have been happily surprised at many of the changes that have been put into the new version. I am having one problem that is giving taking up some time due to experimenting and trying to set things right.

I recently upgraded from N360 V2.5.0.5. I first tried to simply use V3 to uninstall V2. And for the most part it kept the settings/passwords however we noticed that there were a few passwords missing. So I uninstalled using the program itself and reinstalled, it did not recover the passwords we had noticed missing so I Uninstalled using the program and then used the norton removal tool. I did this a couple of times and it appeared that the passwords we had noticed were there. However the next day I noticed that another website (our bank) was missing from IDSAFE and going to the website and filling in the Username/Password that N360 V3 did not offer to save the login information.

The option I can think of that I have left is to import (As I try to monthly save my password information on the hard drive and then back it up online), however I cannot find the feature to import the on-disk saved .npm files.   I was going to do a more extensive search while I had this message open but during the creation of this message the UI has locked up for which I ended the running application in the task manager and cannot call it back up.  For which One Click Support has once again popped up that has informed me that Symantec tech. supp. does not yet know the exact cause of the error message rec'd. --   I don't know if this refers to another problem (another thread) or if it has to do with the hanging application.-- I guess it is just one of those days. :)

So if I may ask the basic question, how does one backup to local disk the settings and restore them into the program as well.

As always, thank you for your time!




Re: Recovering passwords in N360 V3.0.0.114

sorry, subject line should have read V3.0.0.134.Message Edited by mumford68 on 03-10-2009 03:58 PM

Re: Recovering passwords in N360 V3.0.0.114

Hi mumford68-

The links to perform backup and restore of Identity Safe Data may be found from the main UI / Settings / Identity Protection.  At the bottom are links for Backup and Restore.


Matt Powers

Symantec Corp.


Re: Recovering passwords in N360 V3.0.0.114

Thank you, I'm not sure how I missed that. I guess it's been a longer week than I realised and it's only Tuesday.

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